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Student Voice Project

From the anonymous final evaluation by teachers in the Student Voice Project summer journalism institute, July 2012:

Teacher-produced news website, produced during the Student Voice Project’s 2012 summer journalism institute. Teachers also produced an eight-page newspaper using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Screenshot by Beatrice Motamedi.

“Beatrice was a fantastic adviser/teacher. Her lessons were well-prepared and she gave us a tremendous number of resources for our students.”

“Super supportive. Super encouraging.”

“She worked really hard in putting the website and production of the paper together.”

“She is great. She has so much experience and knowledge to impart that it would be great to have more time to spend with her. She modeled behavior that I hope I exhibit in my classroom.”

“Excellent! She taught the content with practicality foremost in mind. She was excellent at giving one on one help. Her enthusiasm for journalism is pure, contagious and inspiring to take back and implement in the classroom and school.”

“Beatrice is incredibly knowledgeable and organized. When behind schedule, she was not only flexible, but also careful to select only the sessions most applicable and useful to teachers. The summer institute could not have produced a better product, on web and on paper, without the expertise of Beatrice. Please bring her back to direct the following institutes.”

“Wow! Beatrice is so knowledgeable. She is very helpful and motivational. She provided resources, techniques and advice I will put to practice this fall.”

“Very supportive, friendly. Ready to help all the time.”

“She kept my head up and kept me motivated, which is exactly a trait that I want to share with my students.”

Newsroom by the Bay

From testimonials, thank you letters and emails received by students. Used with permission.

Newsroom by the Bay is a summer digital journalism program for high school students. Screenshot by Beatrice Motamedi.

“I’ve been busy this fall preparing for college applications and for the first time last weekend I sat down to draft my common application essay. I have finally decided on what I wanted to write about: that first night on campus when you took the early arrivals out to Thai food in Palo Alto and we had the most thought-provoking discussion over Stephen Greenblatt’s “The Swerve.” Let’s just say I was inspired that night, and I have since bought and read “The Swerve.” Thanks again for an amazing experience at Stanford!” —Lexy Medema, Lincoln High School, Sioux Falls, S.D.

“Thank you so much for a Newsroom by the Bay experience that I will never forget! During my 10 days at Stanford, I learned so much about journalism, people and myself. I learned that the friends and ocnnections you make now will impact your life forever, and I’m lucky to have made such great friends and connections at NBTB this year.” —Teagan Sebba, Fort Collins High School, Fort Collins, Colo.

“I would just like to express my gratitude to you for all of your hard work and dedication. Your passion and love for all facets of journalism is one of an infectious nature. The amount of knowledge I was able to gain in a short one-week period of time amazed me …. In everyday conversations, I often mention my incredible experience at Stanford University with all of the people from Newsroom by the Bay. I cannot thank you enough for making my dreams a reality. I will never forget you or the things I learned.”—Morgan Skidmore, senior, Olathe South High School, Olathe, Kan.
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